Saturday, February 6, 2010

Loosing Weight

     I want to loose weight!

    We have all stood on a bathroom scale at least once or twice in our lives. It is a  measuring instrument for determining the weight or mass of an object.Specialized medical scales and bathroom scales are used to measure the body weight of human beings.
      If you are one that carries too much body weight, you do stand the risk of health problems. High cholesterol, diabetes, cancer, high-blood pressure, and heart disease are among the many health problems you could find yourself suffering from. Making sure you maintain healthy weight can definitely help you reduce health hazards and prevent them altogether. 
      As trying to lose weight, I must be able to vouch the importance of having a digital bathroom scale. Just to make sure that I am  tracking my weight and I will know the actions to take before it gets out of hand. This will help keep myself healthy
Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Company

Alsar Medical Supply is a a single proprietorship founded and established in 2006. Through the years, it has become a reliable source of products to the private sector, primarily in General Santos City and to government entities. Its walk-in and wholesale customers come from Davao City, Davao del Sur, General Santos City, Cotabato City and Cotabato provinces. Today, it is one of the leading establishments for wholesale and retail of medical supplies and equipment in the city and in Mindanao.

Vision, Mission, Goal


As a Healthcare Group, we shall be:
  • Furnishing high quality products and technical services at affordable price;
  • The ideal healthcare key supplier in the Philippines;
  • The company granting a development character to its employees;
  • Employing only willing and knowledgeable professionals with the entrepreneurial strength that will reproduce accomplishment;
  • Maintaining professionalism and everlasting trustworthiness;

We are a healthcare key supplier in the Philippines. We operate through a well motivated group of professional people who are dedicated to outstanding client service all through our distribution system. We completely stick the attitude of responsible business community assuring constant development and sustainability for the company. We are also dedicated to maintain the interest of our business partners considering them as a key success factor in setting up an outstanding institute that is very open to market demands.


To be practiced as THE EXPERT in distributing health and medical supplies and equipments to the country’s best health institutions.

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